Preparing for Delivery of Twins

One of the factors that cause twin pregnancies is hormonal changes that occur with age. This change allows a woman to release two eggs that are ready to be fertilized. The age range of women who are most likely to conceive twins is 30-40 years. Not only that, one of about 400 pregnant women is also likely to have identical twins. This condition is not influenced by family history factors so that each woman has the same opportunity to experience it. How Can You Have Twins? The background to the appearance of twins can also be explained by its type: Fraternal twins / not identical. When two different eggs are fertilized, two different sperm. Physically, their physical appearance will not be so similar. Just like brothers and sisters in general. Non-identical twins occur because there are two eggs released from the ovaries, and then both are fertilized by sperm. Identical twins. When one fertilized egg cell divides and develops into two fetuses. Therefore, the physical appearance…
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